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Our clients come to us when they are looking to accelerate their power, visibility or influence and have a culture of producing products, services or tech that transform people, communities or society for the better. Or they have sustainable practices that put them as a leader in making an important impact on the world while setting a powerful example.

The value in the video is that it drives better marketing, increases leads, partnership opportunities, sales, internal affinity and loyalty and gives a timeless asset that drives more value to the company.

We tell stories of corporate and entrepreneurial impact in a highly cinematic visual way and a unique story telling approach that captivates the hearts of the audience.

Hotei Products

What did Les Brown say about Aatu Horus, CEO/Founder of Hotei Marketing Global?

Commercial Film

A Sample Commercial of the World Class Speaker Global

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No matter what’s the industry, your target audience will prefer watching a content-rich video:

  • 92% of B2B prospects consume online videos
  • 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily
  • One-third of shoppers purchase a product after viewing a video commercial

The purpose of a video commercial is to:

  • Raise your brand awareness
  • Drive engagement to your platforms and your events
  • Acquire new leads, nurture existing ones and Increase conversion

A sample of Speaker Reel Compilation – Hotei Productions 

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Tell your compelling story, in a competitive space of visual attention.

A showreel showcases your achievements in a summary to drive:

  • Influence
  • Engagement and
  • Conversion

With a showreel, you are putting yourself out there in a brief-period of compelling audiovisual experience. Your clients appreciate the showreel summary and your professionalism as you value their time while opening up a dialogue of collaboration.

Testimonial Video

A sample of Testimonial Reel – Hotei Productions

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Real people giving real testimonials, professionally edited to show success and appreciation of your product or services.

When your message comes from a genuinely satisfied customer, prospects view that to be far more credible and persuasive, than you as an owner backing up your own products and services.

Infomercial film

A sample of an Infomercial of a Crucial Conversations™

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Infomercials are great for products or services which in their nature needs education about the functionality. They work as an integral part of your sales funnel as it provides value for your verified customers while disseminating information of your product.

Online Course

A Sample of the Unleash Your Goddess- Online course by Amy De Baene

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An online course helps to build your authority and credibility in your industry with perks of upselling and down selling the course with your products and services.

 A ‘done-for-you’ online course is a scalable assets on its own as it can be sold multiple times without having to generate new content, adds a membership perk for your existing clients. Compared to workshop and one-on-one work, online courses can be sold to an infinite of audiences without having to be physically present.

Ecommerce Product Video

A sample of Product video of Kaasya Jewellery

Logo Animation

A sample of Logo Animation

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Your logo is the heart of your brand identity.

It is what visually leaves an imprint on your clients, and we believe in making the most out of your visual engagement.

A powerful animated logo connects your brand to your customers to creates curiosity and trust the expectation of a high quality delivery.

Campaign Product Video

A sample of Campaign Product Video of Brands For Goods

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