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How Aatu Erik Horus went from working as a Freelancer to building a successful company while helping global trainers and experts TO reach their Audience

I’m Aatu Erik Horus

Having lived in Asia for more than a decade, I had the privilege to work as a freelancer globally for years.
I have worked with representatives of a wide range of industries from Nokia tech leaders to International trainers like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Kane & Alessia Minkus, Kevin Harrington, Randi Zuckerberg, Lisa Nichols and Joseph McClendon III.

As a western, technically skilled, creative entrepreneur speaking Chinese and Thai, I can truly understand the branding and marketing needs of a myriad of industries in more than a handful of cultures.


HOtei Production

I started Hotei Productions in 2016 as a commercial production company and very soon specialized in working with passionate experts, trainers, coaches and public speakers to utilize all my potential in marketing and storytelling, combined with the extraordinary skill of film making and digital marketing of my teams. 

As a Philanthropist I have also made my cause clear by being the sole funder of an NGO in Nepal called Good Times Nepal  which serves as a nationwide platform of inspirational news in Nepal.

I see myself as a very open-minded, but exact interpreter of the rapidly changing business world around me, with a desire to simplify and distribute complex information into effective messages on both levels, emotional and intellectual.

My purpose in Life & Business

My mission in life is to offer and distribute valuable perspectives, practical skills and education worldwide.

In practice I do it by partnering with experts selling genuine, valuable education online and offline.

What do I provide?

I provide production of world class commercials, as well as funnel setup and marketing management in packages.