Aatu Horus

Aatu Horus

FOUNDER – CEO – Singapore


Having lived in Asia for more than a decade, I had the privilege to work as a freelancer globally for years.

I have worked with representatives of a wide range of industries from Nokia tech leaders to International trainers like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Kane & Alessia Minkus, Kevin Harrington, Randi Zuckerberg, Lisa Nichols and Joseph McClendon III.

As a western, technically skilled, creative entrepreneur speaking Chinese and Thai, I can truly understand the branding and marketing needs of a myriad of industries in more than a handful of cultures.

As a consultant I help you to:

  • Align your brand with the international market
  • Develop your brand communication to a world class level 
  • Provide perspective in your cross-borders marketing strategy

Katja Garcia

Katja Garcia

LIFE COACH – Health & Mental Coach – Switzerland

Hi! I’M KATJA GARCIA, a Mental Health Coach/Mentor and a Health Nutritionist.

For years I have been following an inner voice that has become louder and louder in recent years. A voice that tells me: That I should pass on my experiences, insights and thoughts to other people in order to bring about transformation. This has become a firm vision. 

My vision is: to found a community in which you are given a voice and you get the chance to tell your own story. A story that will inspire other women. Strengthen others with life stories that encourage courage, thoughts that inspire, ideas that give each of us wings and experiences that motivate us. A community in which every woman lives her true self in a strong and authentic way. I would like to inspire you with my thoughts, experiences and my story to find your personal way to fully exploit and live your own potential! Become the best version of yourself!